martin robitsch studio


A series of energy control devices with the brand Ctrl to reduce and personalize energy consumption in the house. Our product concepts have been generated from the suggestions from our “Low carb-on dioxide” booklet. We tried to find simple, low-tech solutions to decrease our energy consumption by changing some behaviours just a bit. We see our products as means of increasing our awareness of how energy is used and for stimulating changes in energy behaviour. Revisiting the design of everyday things with a focus on issues related to energy use, we are developing a palette of critical design examples…

»pluggin« An overwhelming bundle of cables aim to flesh out the hidden electrical circuits, the soul of a house. All cables end up at a main switch which you root out to set your house on sleep mode.

»peep-bill« A energy consumption display visualizing energy consumption habits. Making you conscious day
by day, hour by hour, about how much and where energy is spent in the household, insert your credit card and receive your bill as you consume.

»uno alla volt« You can just switch on one of your devices, one or the other (uno alla volta)

»pluck« Only one plug works the rest is just to organize the flood of cables.

I collaboration with:
Francesca Lanzavecchia
Materials: various
Year of production: 2007