martin robitsch studio

f.aid with mischer’traxler

During their residency at countdown-design in Bolzano from 28th of February till the 3rd of March 2012, mischer’traxler and Martin Robitsch created 7 unique objects out of waste-boards which were collected in Bolzano.

‚F.aid‘ is an easy DIY-method to built new furniture out of single old waste chipboards or other fibreboards by fixing them together with bandages. Medical fiberglas castings harden quickly with just a bit of water. They give stability to the furniture and an unconventional look. Thanks to the easy method various furniture types and shapes are possible, depending on the size of the boards.

The project makes use of non-recyclable material. In Austria each year 2,5 million m³ of chipboard, mdf, and other fibreboards are produced. After their lifespan, they normally get burnt in high temperature incineration plants.

The objects will be auctioned on march 17 2012 in Bolzano

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